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Remember when you were young and carefree?  You and your friends would lie on your backs in a grassy field.  Giggling and tickling each other with the feathery seed heads on a long stalk of grass.  The world would shrink to the patch of sky framed by the waving fronds of grass.  Your purpose became that of cloud picture designer and was limited only by the variety of clouds available on that one day.

The best ones were the massive thunderheads that would rise and expand as the day grew hotter.  They changed as you watched with shadowed canyons and blooming faces transforming into birds or flowers.  Sometimes the breeze and the sun would lull you into blissful relaxation.  Then the pictures were the play of light and dark through your closed eyelids.

But time passes and homework, chores and other responsibilities insinuate their way into our life.  The chatter of life and its deadlines take over our consciousness.  We listen to talk and music and commentary and advertising on the radio, TV and Internet links.  The world is no longer quiet and peaceful with the only noise that of the breeze in the grass and birds calling.

We have commitments and expectations to meet.  We compete for college scholarships and work internships.  We feel stressed and anxious because we might not measure up.  Traumatic events like the September 11 attacks change our world forever.  Our direction in life may change from college-bound to military-bound.  We step up to do our part in ridding the world of terrorism.  We push aside any feelings of grief or loss, panic or guilt to become a warrior.

We forget how to be quiet and peaceful with ourselves.  Instead we are surrounded by shouted orders and gunfire and mortar attacks or speeches and diesel engines and jet aircraft.

How do we find our way back to Joy?  How do we stop the panic and anxiety that wells up despite our best efforts to distract ourselves?  Where do we leave the insomnia or sleep disorder that prevents the healing rest that we crave?

Where do we find the control and empowerment that we lost long ago?  This process of stress management called Somatic Intuitive Training helps you to rediscover The Joy Within.  Contact me today for more information.

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