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I want to help people to heal from emotional trauma. Knowing that most people are unaware of the power and depth of unresolved emotional pain, I provide rapid relief and recovery from chronic stress to create breakthrough results in any area of your life that you choose.

Allow Barb and the Somatic Intuitive Training process to help you gain some command over your life. Learn how to reduce emotional pain and to release emotional trauma. The method is private and confidential. You share the details by choice rather than necessity.

You need to have the courage to access uncomfortable memories and the faith in your inner wisdom or strength to reduce the emotional pain. Finally you need to trust that Barb can guide you during the sessions.

When you can no longer drown out the inner voice or ignore the shame or nightmare, it may be time to consider this unique form of stress management. Peace, power and control are only a phone call away.

For your private consultation, call 727-409-7428.

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